Paviland Cave, Red Lady Cave, Goat's Hole, Goat Hole, CSGCAA.ML31a

NGR: SS 43733 85892
16 m.asl

Swansea , Gower
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Access From Pilton Green on the Swansea-Rhossili road, follow the public footpath over the fields and down a steep ravine divided by a stone wall. If the water is low, climb down to the shore. From the shore, the end of the gully can be crossed and a climb of 10 metres leads to the cave. If the tide is high, then follow a narrow path round the base of the cliff Westwards. Access to the cave is dangerous at high water.
Description The cave is of great archaeological importance and is about 5 metres high and extends for 20 metres. On the right is a chimney leading to a second opening. It was inhabited by early man and finds include a human skeleton.
History First recorded exploration in 1822; engraved graffiti [GGF JGJ 1835] probably from a visit in 1835 by George Grant Francis and John Gwyn Jeffreys 'for the Swansea Philosophical and Literary Institution'.
NPRN: 300251 SAM: GM504 SSSI: 0809 Gower Coast: Rhossili to Porteynon (Mixed/M)

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