Tooth Cave, Llethryd Tooth Cave

NGR: SS 53168 90921
50 m.asl

Swansea , Gower
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Active Cave
Access From Llethrid Bridge on the B4271, follow the track South to Green Cwm for about 50 metres. The entrance is in the East cliff and is on Forestry Commission Land. The cave is gated. 2007 Access - Must be members of a caving club with BCA insurance. Key available from SWCC Current Access arrangements
Description The cave is liable to severe flooding. A 5 metre pitch leads to the first chamber from which a crawl of 260 metres leads to the stream passage (normally dry), which is about 830 metres long. The top sump has been dived, but chokes with gravel after 28 metres. The bottom sump dries out in dry weather giving access to several hundred feet of passage ending in an impenetrable sump.
History SWCC 1961
NPRN: 305613 SAM: GM284 SSSI: 0781 Coedydd Parkmill a Cwm Llethrid (Mixed) GCR: 1128

Brendan Marris

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