Cathole, Upper Cat Hole Cave

NGR: SS 53757 90020
51 m.asl

Swansea , Gower
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Access Owned by Forestry Commission. From Parkmill, follow the road to Parc-le-Breos and after half a mile, turn up Green Cwm to Parc-le-Breos megalithic tomb. The cave is 65 metres further up the valley on the right in a crag hidden by trees.
Description The entrance is 4 metres wide and 6 metres high, It leads to a chamber some 33 metres long with another smaller chamber at the end.
History Excavated by E.R.Wood 1860's; 1968; Nash/NMW 2010
Conservation SAM: GM349 SSSI: 0781 Coedydd Parkmill a Cwm Llethrid (Mixed) GCR: 1128,1306,1368

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