Ogof Dan Y Lleuad Wen, Ogof Dan-Yr-Lleuad Wen, Ogof Dan Yr Lleuad Wen, Ogof Dan Y Lleaud Wen

NGR: SN 75801 18645
575 m.asl

Carmarthenshire , Northern Outcrop - West (Black Mountain)
map using leaflet map:
Access Situated in one of the many shakeholes on Foel Fraith to the North East of Pwll Swnd.
Description Cave in small shakehole on Northern flank of Foel Fraith. A short pot about 4 metres deep leads to a tight muddy slot. Beyond this the way on is a hands and knees crawl to the left, past a stalagmite in the middle of the passage. After about 15 metres it is possible to stand up in a small chamber with large boulders at the head of a 12 metre pitch.
History Mark Withers et al (ISCA), 1991
SSSI: 0854 Mynydd Du (Mixed)
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