Ogof Marros

NGR: SN 21402 09516
105 m.asl

Carmarthenshire , West Wales
map using leaflet map:
Access From the Pendine to Amroth Road just uphill from Greenbridge, the cave is approached via a bridleway that passes through a livestock farm and then follows a small stream that once fed Greenbridge Cave. Crossing a field to the wooded area in the bottom of the valley brings you to this massive wooded depression where the cave is located. An obvious ramp of digging spoil above the main sink near the centre of the massive cliff marks the entrance.
Description Above sink in the same valley as Greenbridge Cave, at the base of a 10 metre Limestone cliff. The water is met inside...
History Dug by Phil Knight, SWCC, 2014. Entered 2015
SWCC blog
Cambrian Caving Council Newsletter 48, Jan 2016, pp1,3
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Brendan Marris Caves of South Wales
Cambrian Cave Registry entry 2016-4
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