Dan-yr-Ogof, Under the Cave, Dan Yr Ogof Resurgence, Darren-yr-Ogof, Cliff of the Cave, Tarren yr Ogof

NGR: SN 83820 16000
225 m.asl

Powys , Northern Outcrop - West (Black Mountain)
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Rising Cave
Access The first part of the cave is a show cave and can easily be reach from the Sennybridge-Swansea road. The cave is owned by the Dan-yr-Ogof Cave Co. Ltd and the cave is managed for access by cavers by the Dan-yr-Ogof Cave Advisory Committee. Only parties accompanied by a Warden (Leader) appointed by DYOCAC may go beyond the show cave Current Access arrangements
Description First recorded exploration by the Morgan brothers in 1912, The river cave can be followed for 120 metres to a sump. The show cave is 520 metres long and leads to a series of four lakes beyond which is a complex series of passages and chambers ending in a long crawl. In 1966 a major extension to the cave was discovered some one mile in length. Two further extensions were subsequently discovered giving the cave a length of over 9 miles. The old cave and first part of the new extensions run in a SW direction, the known passages then running north.
History First explored by the Morgan Brothers 1912. Extended by The Dragon Group in 1939, SWCC, CDG 1964
SSSI: 0854 Mynydd Du (Mixed) NNR: Dan-yr-Ogof GCR: 557
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