Pant Mawr Pot, Fan Fraith Pot

NGR: SN 89090 16127
436 m.asl

Powys , Northern Outcrop - Central (Penwyllt to Penderyn)
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Access The entrance shaft is situated in a deep depression on Pant Mawr to the West of the Nedd Fechan valley. Approach from SWCC HQ at Penwyllt for a one hour walk. The depression has a fence around it. The caving rights over Pant Mawr moor are vested in the SWCC and persons wishing to visit the cave should apply for written permission. Daily permits are freely available from the SWCC HQ for all bona fide club cavers. Current Access arrangements
Description A fine cave of large proportions which contains a sizeable stream and some fine calcite decorations. A 15 metre pothole leads to a chamber and after a boulder choke to a large passage which continues for over a kilometre via several boulder chokes. The cave ends in a sump, normally 122m long to an airbell in a fault guided rift blocked by boulders and gravel.
History perhaps fround by Glennie and Platten, but first explored by Jim Braithwate 1936; G.Platten, E.E.Roberts,1937. Extended by W.Clarke & E.Aslett 1953; WSG 1993
Hydrology Fluorescein test by Harvey in 1952 - 5 days to Little Neath River.
SSSI: 0930 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu-Pant Mawr (Mixed) GCR: 553

BCL/Gerard Platten

Brendan Marris

Rhys Williams

Keith Edwards
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Brendan Marris Caves of South Wales
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