Town Drain, Arcade Cave

NGR: SN 91100 13673
290 m.asl

Powys , Northern Outcrop - Central (Penwyllt to Penderyn)
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Sink Cave
Access On the road from Pont Nedd-Fechan to Ystradfellte turn off on Gwaen Bryn-Bwch to the fenced road and go for 0.5m to Pont Cwm Pwll-y-rhyd. Cross the bridge and go downstream for 330m to the further end of the ancient river-bed, dropping down 3m into the present gorge. 30 metres beyond the end of the dry gorge, the cave entrance lies under the cliff on the East bank. Permission should be sought from Blaen Nedd Isaf Farm.
Description The entrance is under a cliff 16 metres high, the roof of which is 4 metres high, showing signs of cave formations, now decayed. It lies in a basin about 8m x 12m directly in line with Little White Lady Cave and consists of several large slots 2m high and 0.5m wide, giving it the alternative name of Arcade Cave. These join inside to form a lower single passage which is high and narrow. It takes water from the White Lady Caves, in normal flow and flood. The cave ends in a mud choke. It floods completely and should not be attempted in inclement weather.
History T. Braithwaite 1936; M.Wilton-Jones et al. 2018/19
SSSI: 0715

Brendan Marris
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