Will's Hole, Will's Cave, Dinas Rock Cave, King Arthur's Cave, Craig-y-Ddinas Cave, Craig-y-Dinas Cave, Wills Hole

NGR: SN 91470 08013
128 m.asl

Rhondda Cynon Taff , Northern Outcrop - Central (Penwyllt to Penderyn)
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Access Approach from Glynneath via Pont-Nedd-Fechan to the road bridge over the river Mellte near Dinas Rock., where vehicles may be parked. From the bridge, follow the track ESE along the North bank of the River Sychryd for 425m to the base of where the ramp once was. Go up the gorge 28m and climb up a short distance on the left (looking upstream) to the terrace in front of the cave entrance, in the base of the cliff.
Description The entrance is about 1m square, facing the gorge. It consists of a short 3m pitch leading to a passage 15m long with a further pitch of 15m to twin passages, joined together at the end. The common passage leads to the sump at the West end (the same level as Ogof Pont Sychryd). The East end used to communicate with Ogof Coed-y-Ffyrnau, verbally. The working of the silica mine has caused the floor of the cave to be raised many feet by silt and chippings and for the sump to be completely blocked, so that in flood, the small stream creates a lake which takes some time to seep out. The East end has likely digs in the boulder chokes. There are some massive blocks of tufa bridging the rift-like passage. It is about 160m and 80m long in the respective passages, with several likely passages above and below. This was probably the underground route of the River Sychryd before the railway mineral track blocked up the sink. It's waters appear in Ogof Pont Sychryd and the resurgence into the river Mellte (Sychryd means dry ford, the river having been known to be dry).
History 1938
SAM: BR229/178 SSSI: 1434 Dyffrynoedd Nedd a Mellte a Moel Penderyn (Mixed)

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Brendan Marris Caves of South Wales
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Cambrian Cave Registry entry 491
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