Ogof Gwynt yr Eira, Ogof Gwynt Yr Eira, Cave of the Snowy Wind, Ogof Pen Rhiw Wen No. 7, Dead Horse Dig, Herberts Dig

NGR: SN 73155 18522
487 m.asl

Carmarthenshire , Northern Outcrop - West (Black Mountain)
map using leaflet map:
Access Entrance to the cave is in a shakehole in a rocky cliff outcrop, on the West side of the road, opposite Herberts quarry.
Description An entrance shaft leads to a ladder pitch dropping down into the passages below. Entrance covered with boards and corrugated iron.
History SWCC (Alderman, Francis, et al) dug 1985-1996
SSSI: 0854 Mynydd Du (Mixed)
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