Ogof Rhyd Sych, Dryford cavern, Badger Hole

NGR: SO 04152 10221
280 m.asl

Merthyr Tydfil , Northern Outcrop - East (Morlais to Abergavenny)
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Active Cave
Access Walk up the river bank for about 0.5 miles from Aberglais Bridge.
Description The entrance leads to a large passage which contains an active stream. This passage leads in to the main chamber and then to New Chamber. A small passage at the end of New Chamber leads to about 210m of bedding plane cave which then gives way to the main cave beyond a tight rift. The system contains a strong draught. Liable to Flood.
History SWCC 1950; BNSSS 1957; Cwmbran CC 1967
Conservation Entrance is actually outside the SSSI
SSSI: 0256 Nant Glais Caves (Geological)

Brendan Marris

Rhys Williams

Keith Edwards
Jones, Theophilus, A History of the County of Brecknock, v2, p.626 (1809) "... a cavern called Ogof Rhyd sych or Dryford cavern; this hollow in the lime rock receives a spring from above, which sinks into the ground and then enters the cave, from whence it issues in a small rill in times of flood when it flows over it and forms a cascade..."
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