Crescent Cave  (Cave/Sink)

Cambrian Cave Registry Entry Number  781

Location SO 12900 15100
Northern Outcrop - Central (Morlais to Abergavenny), Powys
Elevation (m) 533 
Length (m)
Depth (m)
Access On open moorland. 
Description Sink in doline complex, 200m ESE of Chartist Cave. Water sinks into boulder chamber with grit roof.
Crescent Cave was visited on 14/03/09 and it was found that the scaffolded shaft in the floor of the entrance chamber was full of rubble. The cave is not accessible at the moment. There appears to have been a collapse of the right hand wall which filled the shaft. 
Bibliography SVCC: 'Trefil Caves in Brief', 1974 
Found / Dug By SVCC, 1971 
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