Ogof Cynnes  (Cave)

Cambrian Cave Registry Entry Number  784

Location SO 14080 15400
Northern Outcrop - Central (Morlais to Abergavenny), Powys
Elevation (m) 524 
Length (m)
Depth (m)
Access There is a small entrance on the East side of a long oval doline. The entrance is very difficult to find, being on open moorland. Best approached from Blaen Onneu Quarry. Head roughly West towards the Trig. Point and then from there turn slightly South of West for about 800 metres to the head of a large dry valley. There is a small rock outcrop and cairn on this side of the valley with two oblong shaped shakeholes nearby. The larger of the shakeholes contains the entrance. 
Description An interesting and sporty cave which is dry but exceedingly muddy. Parts of the cave are very arduous. A series of rifts, squeezes and pots lead to a main chamber 10m high with passages leading off. 
Bibliography Descent 112
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Survey M.Farr & I.Homes, 1968 
Found / Dug By HCC 1967. Easter series discovered 1993, Ben Lovett et al.
M.Farr, March 1968 
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