Pwll-y-Gwynt, Pwll y Gwynt, Pwll Gwynt

NGR: SO 18804 15681
465 m.asl

Powys , Northern Outcrop - East (Morlais to Abergavenny)
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Access Small entrance at head of screes above the entrance to Agen Allwedd on Craig-y-Cilau NNR Llangattwg. Entrance is a solution tube on the West side of a small gulley. Access is via a small path from Llangattwg road to the East of the entrance.
Description The entrance leads to the head of a 21m shaft. Small passages lead from the bottom of the shaft to several other shafts and avens. All shafts are large (approx 2.5m square) and all connecting passages are tight crawls. Digging is in progress in the 6th shaft. (CSS)
History CSS 1981
Hydrology Water sinking in the 4th shaft has been dyed and enters the 2nd Boulder Choke, Agen Allwedd (1200m away and 50m lower in the limestone), after 4 hours (W Gascoine).
Conservation Reverse magnetised sediment shows age over 780000 years
SSSI: 0080 Mynydd Llangatwg (Mixed) GCR: 554

Brendan Marris

Keith Edwards
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A Caver's View of the Clydach River (Cwmbran Caving Club, 1986), Schuurmans, T.
Cave Science 15(1),(1988) in Mark Noel, Palaeomagnetism of Cave Sediments from Mynedd Llangattwg
Brendan Marris Caves of South Wales
Cambrian Cave Registry entry 807
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