Agen Allwedd, Keyhole Cave, Aggie, Aggie Aggy

NGR: SO 18769 15860
358 m.asl

Powys , Northern Outcrop - East (Morlais to Abergavenny)
map using leaflet map:
Access Follow the tram road from Pont-y-Rhiw to the end. There is a small entrance in the left hand corner up on a ledge. The main entrance is through Ogof Gam. A permit to enter must be obtained. Current Access arrangements
Description One of the longest caves in Britain. A great deal of its length is made up of long sections of streamway and large mainly dry passages. Has several lengthy round trips which make it a popular destination for cavers.
History SWCC 1946. Main extensions HCC, 1957. Eldon Pothole Club 1972. CDG 1966-74 Remembrance Series.
Hydrology Outlet of pool between Waen Rudd and big gully feeds Stream Passage in Entrance Series very quickly...; Swiss Passage to Draught Passage proved with Rhodamine B in 1961; Cliffs of Dover via Trident to 1st inlet on left in Southern Stream; St Pauls via Shamrock to Midsummer (I.Homes, SWCC nl 46,p.14); Water below Keyhole Chamber has been dye tested from Pwll Y Gwynt in less than 5 hours
SSSI: 0080 Mynydd Llangatwg (Mixed) GCR: 554
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Brendan Marris Caves of South Wales
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