Llanelly Quarry Pot, Llanelly Quarry Pothole

NGR: SO 22468 12408
270 m.asl

Monmouthshire , Northern Outcrop - East (Morlais to Abergavenny)
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Active Pothole
Access The cave lies in the far right hand corner of the quarry.
Description A sizeable cave with a long streamway which reappears in Shakespeare's Cave further down the gorge. The rift near the entrance is narrow and there is danger from loose rocks near the entrance.
History M.Davies, BNSSS, 1963; Llanelly Diggers discovered streamway after digging from 1986-1988
Hydrology Tested to Shakespeare's Cave
SSSI: 0381 Cwm Clydach (Mixed)

Brendan Marris
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Brendan Marris Caves of South Wales
Cambrian Cave Registry entry 849
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