Ogof Dwy Sir, Two Counties Cave

NGR: SO 24420 12876
398 m.asl

Monmouthshire , Northern Outcrop - East (Morlais to Abergavenny)
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Access In Quimps Quarry on the North side of Gilwern Hill above Twyn Wenallt. Best approached from Pwll Du, Blaenavon.
Description The rift entrance leads to a single passage, 180m long which ended in a clay fill at Gritstone / Limestone interface until this passed via the Wind Tunnel into the 20x30m, sloping, 1 to 3m high, Queen of Hearts chamber where no limestone is to be seen.
History Graffiti from 1903 and 1923; SWCC 1951; CwmbranCC 1994, 1997
Conservation Recorded roost of Greater Horseshoe Bat
SSSI: 0380 Gilwern Hill (Mixed)

Brendan Marris
Descent 140 (Queen of Hearts chamber)
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Cambrian Cave Registry entry 851
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