Ogof Draenen, Hawthorn Cave, Ogof Draener

NGR: SO 24644 11787
362 m.asl

Monmouthshire , Northern Outcrop - East (Morlais to Abergavenny)
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Access When approaching from Blaenavon, take a left turn at Keeper's Pond. The first building on the right is the Lamb & Fox pub. Park opposite the pub on an area of concrete. Continue down the road and cross the stile immediately to the north of the Pwll Du Adventure Centre. Follow the fence you've just crossed down a steep slope until you reach a small stream. From here an obvious path leads directly to the entrance. The cave is gated. Current Access arrangements Current Access arrangements
Description Ogof Draenen is one of the largest caves in Britain. It offers a great variety of caving and some very spectacular sights. The cave should not be underestimated and the round trip should be treated very seriously. The entrance dig drops into a low crawl where there is a gate. Beyond the gate, a hole on the right leads down to a low, wet, bedding plane crawl, which emerges in a boulder choke. A squeeze down through the choke (care is required) reaches the top of an 8m scaffolded shaft. This was the break through point and emerges in a small chamber. Straight on are Darling Rifts, which lead to Big Bang Pitch and the original Pitch Bypass. However, an easier route is to duck under the right hand wall, into Spare Rib. Dropping down a slot on the left, leads to an inlet which can be followed down a cascade, to a chamber where the original Pitch Bypass rejoins. A low passage on the right leads via a 5m climb down to Cairn Junction, in the impressive main passage: Beyond A Choke.
History CwmbranCC; Morgannwg CC 1994 after extensive digging since 1991
RIGS: 564 Ogof Draenen SAM: MM189;MM225;MM227;MM288;MM297 GCR: 551

BCC/Huw Jones
Bill Gascoine (1939-2012)

Brendan Marris

BCC/Huw Jones

BCC/Huw Jones
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