Ogof Pasg, Easter Cave, Garreg-Llwyd Quarry Cave

NGR: SN 73658 18817
534 m.asl

Carmarthenshire , Northern Outcrop - West (Black Mountain)
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Access The cave is found in the main upper workings of the now disused Herbert's Quarry. It is situated about 15 metres up on the main quarry face, at a point where a ridge of quarry debris divides the upper workings. The climb up the quarry face is reasonably easy, but there is a lot of loose rock on the path and some care is needed. It is best to approach the entrance by taking a track leading from the Eastern side of the main Brynamman - Llangaddog Road (A4069), near the summit of Foel Fawr, into the main quarry and then taking the track which leads into the upper workings. The are no restrictions to access.
Description A series of, sometimes well decorated, passages varying in height from 0.25 metres to 6 metres high which connect to Ogof Foel Fawr via a tight squeeze.
History Eddie Morgan in 1940's; SWCC 1958; Connected to Ogof Foel Fawr 1988, HCC. The cave was first recorded by A.Hill in 1946, but had been found earlier by Eddie Morgan of Brynamman, and visited by a party (including P.I.W.Harvey) from Bristol, who met Eddie on their way out. Numerous dates in the cave indicated the site was known locally for many years prior to Hill and Morgan's visit. During the early 50's, the cave entrance was effectively covered over by quarrying activities, thus concealing its location for many years. In early 1977, the entrance was located again and the lost cave re-explored by Howard Kimberley and Eddie Morgan. During exploration by the Hereford Caving Club in September 1977, a small un-identified bone from an animal was discovered.
Conservation SSSI: 0854 Mynydd Du (Mixed)

Keith Edwards

Brendan Marris

Rhys Williams
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