Big Covert Cave, Maeshafn Cave

NGR: SJ 19795 60558
200 m.asl

Denbighshire , North Wales
map using leaflet map:
Access Follow the road West from Maeshafn and turn South at the track marked 'Big Covert' on the forestry commission notices. Fork left past the gate and continue to just over the brow of the hill. The entrance is just a few metres West of the track.
Description Prominent opening. A 2 metre by 1.5 metre passage descends steeply to a junction. The left hand passage is natural and can be followed for 10 metres, the right hand passage has been mined. Archaeological finds made in 1950 by N.E.Pritchard, include romano British material.
History 1940's J.L.Williams
NPRN: 157391

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