Hoyle's Mouth Cave, Oyle, Longbury Bank Cave, Longberry Bank Cave

NGR: SN 1119 0032
45 m.asl

Pembrokeshire , West Wales
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Access The cave is in wood in a limestone bluff above the Trefloyn road and is on the property of Trefloyn Manor. A footpath leads from the road to the cave. Access is free and permission is not needed to visit.
Description Short cave about 10 metres long, closing down to a crawl 3 metres in from the entrance.
History Excavated 1862; Savory 1968; Aldhouse Green 1996
SAM: PE427 SSSI: 0731 Little Hoyle and Hoyle's Mouth Caves & Woodlands (Mixed) GCR: 2027

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Cambrian Cave Registry entry 933
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