Cave Life of Devon

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Lee Knight for writing text specific to Devon, amendments and additions to other areas of text, and showing me round the Devon caves.
Chris Proctor for writing the section on fossils and archaeology, for provision of additional faunal records and for reviewing the first draft of the web pages.

Barry Hill for assistance with the web site design.
Graham Proudlove, BCRA Biological Recorder
All those who helped with cave photography and caving trips 

Cambrian Caving Council

Bat photos Phil Morgan

Photos of Niphargus aquilex, Niphargus glenniei,  Boxworth Snout: Chris Proctor

All other photos Andy Lewington

OTHER LINKS Devon Spelaeological Society  Devon and Cornwall Underground Council Devon Karst Research Society  Devon Biodiversity Action Plan on caves, karst and mines  website of the William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust, including its publication ‘Studies in Speleology.’  Primarily deals with caves in the Buckfastleigh area of Devon, although ‘Studies in Speleology’ deals with caving matters worldwide.  biology special interest page on the website of the British Cave Research Association Graham Proudlove, BCRA Biological Recorder, The Manchester Museum - contact details on BCRA website website detailing Collembola ecology and biology, including descriptions and photographs of cavernicolous species  website of the hypogean Crustacea (Antrobathynella, Proasellus & Niphargus spp.) recording scheme,  including species descriptions and photos, notes on sampling methodologies and notes on ecology.  A database of the scheme’s records and a booklet ‘Cave Life in Britain’ available as downloads.  website detailing species descriptions, distribution and ecology of the European species of Niphargus, hosted by University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. website of the Bat Conservation Trust



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