Cave Life of The Peak District

Fish and Amphibians


Three forms of vertebrates are commonly found in caves – fish, amphibians and bats, although they are either accidental or using them for shelter. It is thought there is not enough food for them to survive as troglobites in UK caves.

Bullheads Cottus gobio have been seen in Peak Cavern.

Trout Salmo trutta have also been seen in the sumps of Peak Cavern. Many of these fish appear white in the caves but this depigmentation is a temporary condition and the colour is restored in daylight. The row of pink spots remains on the white fish however.

The fish in Peak Cavern are seen in the sumps near to the reurgences and not deep into the system.

Common Frogs Ranus temporaria can be found some distance underground, and toads Bufo bufo nearer the entrances.


Toad in Peak Hole Sough




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