Cave Life of Yorkshire

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PHOTOGRAPHS and TEXT Andy Lewington

Thanks to Peter Shaw (Collembola), John Cordingley Ingleborough Show Cave, John Altringham (Bats), Lee Knight (Crustacea and text), Graham Proudlove (proof reading)

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Field guides and Identification
Spiders Field Guide, Roberts, Collins 1996
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Spiders Field Guide, Roberts, Collins 1996
Field Studies Council - wide range of keys and guides
Freshwater Biological Association - guides to aquatic life

Hypogean Crustacea recording scheme website (Antrobathynella, Proasellus & Niphargus spp.),  including species descriptions and photos, notes on sampling methodologies and notes on ecology.  A database of the scheme’s records and a booklet ‘Cave Life in Britain’ available as downloads.
Collembola ecology and biology including descriptions and photographs of cavernicolous species

Council of Northern Caving Clubs access, anchors etc
Northern SSSI Cave Conservation Monitoring Scheme
Lancaster Easegill system (Red RoseCPC)
Leck Fell (Red Rose CPC)

Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club
Northern Pennine Club
Yorkshire Subterranean Society
Craven Pothole Club
Bradford Pothole Club
Yorkshire Ramblers Club

Ingleborough Cave
White Scar Cave
Stump Cross Caverns


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