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Coronavirus Pandemic - last updated on Monday 22 March 2021

Cautious Progress Local Caving Now Allowed This is an update to the page published in early January after Wales had entered its third Coronavirus Lockdown. Over the Christmas and New Year period the deaths from Covid were about 250 per week. This situation deteriorated in January with deaths rising to around 450 per week which represented about 40% of all deaths. The most recent ONS data (see chart below) shows a decline by early March to 100 per week or 15% of all deaths. Whilst this is real progress in controlling the virus in Wales, it also shows that the problem remains seriously large. The government is therefore being cautious in relaxing the restrictions and making modest changes incrementally in the coming weeks if all goes well. On the positive side, the vaccination programme is moving ahead quicker than anyone could have imagined only a few months ago without any serious issues emerging other than organised fake news. Against that backdrop the government has issued a progressive lockdown exit plan: The timetable, which is dependent on further good progress, is as follows: 13th March: All of Wales will remain at Level 4 but the stay at home requirement becomes stay local, including for recreation and exercise. The guidance states that the 5 miles limit is the norm for most people, but it is “flexible” so that those living in rural areas will be allowed to interpret this rule sensibly according to their circumstances. 27th March: Ministers are expected to confirm by 26th March that all of Wales is moving to Level 3 and that the stay-local restriction for recreation will be removed. This does not extend to Welsh residents visiting England for recreation nor vice versa. 22nd April: This review is expected to allow organised outdoor recreation in groups of up to 30 and the re- opening of gyms, outdoors attractions, outdoors hospitality (pub garden service). Later in the summer, if plans go well, then Wales will move to Level 2 with many more restrictions removed. However, this is not likely to extend to international travel for holidays this summer because of a “third wave” of Coronavirus developing across the EU and other countries which is driven by mutant strains which it is critical to avoid bringing into the UK. .
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