Ogof Hesp Alyn, OHA

NGR: SJ 19180 65520
200 m.asl

Flintshire , North Wales
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Access Gated though not usually locked. Current Access arrangements
Description The entrance is an 8m pitch leading to phreatic cave that resurged at the entrance until mining lowered the water table. Can flood through in high water conditions. A major North Wales system with a vertical range of 85m.
History 1973 NWCC
SSSI: 0241 Alyn Valley Woods and Alyn Gorge Caves GCR: 569
Appleton 1989
Logbook 1 (1964-74), Jarratt,A.R.p.147-150, dig and early exploration
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Cris Ebbs Caves of North Wales
Cambrian Cave Registry entry 1391
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