Ogof Nadolig

NGR: SJ 19030 65590
190 m.asl

Flintshire , North Wales
map using leaflet map:
Access Take the track which runs East on the North side of the river towards the sewage treatment plant. Park 100m before the plant and walk directly up the hillside and slightly to the West. The entrance is about 30m above the river level. Look for a steel porthole.
Description A 4m entrance shaft lined with steel tubing leads to a hand and knees passage and then to a rope climb leading to some chambers. Mining has broken into the cave in various places.
History Mike Chalton Christmas 1975
SSSI: 0241 Alyn Valley Woods and Alyn Gorge Caves
The Caves of North East Wales, Cris Ebbs, 2000
Cris Ebbs Caves of North Wales
Cambrian Cave Registry entry 1395
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