North Wales Cave Rescue Team

Run entirely by volunteers, their website is:


National organisations and caving news

The body that oversees Welsh caving is Cambrian Caving Council (CCC): For many years CCC rarely looked beyond the borders of South Wales, but the organisation has changed somewhat in recent years, and now also represents caves and cavers from North Wales.

The British Caving Association can be found at:

The cavers magazine, Descent has a website at:

A good caving website is Darkness Below: Based loosely on Descent magazines format of news and current events, it has sections on almost every facet of caves, caving, mining, archaeology etc.

In 2018 Darkness Below reviewed this Caves of North Wales site, which can be seen here:

For a lively caving forum, try UKCaving: Be warned however, that caving forums can at times serve as a window for the ill-informed radical!

British Cave Research Association:

Cave Diving Group:


Caving equipment shops

Caving Gear, Betws-y-Coed:

Caving Supplies, Buxton:

Inglesport, Ingleton:

Bernie's Cafe, Ingleton:
Tony Seddon's travelling gear shop:

An excellent site on South Wales Caves:
Visit the sister website to this, on local lead mining:

Want to be a caving instructor: