The following list is far from complete, and merely lists a sample of references.....

Only a handful of archaeological cave references are given below.
A further excellent archaeological resource is the website:

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Nigel & Diane (2001): The Great Orme Explained

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Cave Diving Group (1986)
Welsh Sump Index

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Dinnis, R. and Ebbs, C (2013) Cave deposits of North Wales: Some comments on their archaeological importance and an inventory of sites of potential interest . Cave & Karst Science. Vol 40, No 1, 2013. Transactions of the BCRA.
This can be downloaded free (although you need to register) from:

Ebbs, C. (2000) Underground Clwyd ISBN 1 872265 93 6 Intended for non-cavers. Mainly B & W photos with additional text. Available for £9 including postage direct from:

Ebbs, C. (2000) An Introduction to the Caves of north-east Wales ISBN 0 9522242 2 4. No longer available as a hard copy, but incorporated into this website.

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Jones, Cleanth (Un-dated [2012?]) Thomas Kendrick: Llandudno's Cave Man . A 28 page booklet on the man and his family.

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