"Information on caves should be freely available in order that future generations can build upon the knowledge of the past. This website therefore provides a vehicle for passing on this personal knowledge (before it's too late). It's been greatly enhanced by additional material freely supplied by those mentioned on page 29." - Cris Ebbs

Lower Cefn Cave on the River Elwy
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5. The website was initially based upon the book "An Introduction to the Caves of north-east Wales" (2000) by Cris Ebbs (ISBN 0 9522242 1 6) which is no longer available. Most recent changes or additions to the site are in yellow near the bottom of this Homepage
6. Anglesey caves (just a handful of uninspiring limestone caves) have their own page (page 10).

7. Llandudno caves
also have their own page (Page 11). All caves are very short, although many have archaeological importance.

Cave names: Wherever possible, the first documented name of a cave has been adopted. Subsequent names are stated in the accompanying text. The exceptions are where several neighboring caves have been listed together for simplicity, under group names such as Bryn Alyn Caves 1-12, Brasgyll Caves 1-8 etc.

Grid references (including GPS refs. which can be subject to interference) have been cross-checked for any major errors using StreetMap.co.uk.
Where possible, GPS refs. are accompanied by the margin of error as stated by the device at the time. Most are within an accuracy of +/-15 feet.
Most grid references are now clickable links (to the location on StreetMap.com).

Plans or surveys are shown with north pointing to top of page....... except for original surveys of Poachers Cave, Gwaenysgor Cave and Ogof Pant-y-Wennol.

Only caves (formed by nature) are described on this website. Mines are man-made and are not discussed unless providing a route to a cave that has no surface entrance . A little mining information can be found on Cris Ebbs' sister website at: https://sites.google.com/site/flintshireleadmining/

These pages provide a basic information resource on the caves of north Wales. Detailed cave descriptions are not provided, but the aim is to provide information that is as accurate as possible. If any errors are spotted, do please let Cris know (cavecomment@hotmail.co.uk). As the Internet now provides a wide variety of cave information, this site simply steers the curious in the right direction. The information is far from a complete account of North Wales caves, and can be a little out-of-date in places; the writer not now being a very active caver. Anyone wishing for further up-to-the-minute information is advised to contact one of the main caving clubs mentioned on Page 26: 'Clubs & Pubs'.

Comments, suggestions, queries and additional information are welcomed. Send to Cris at: cavecomment@hotmail.co.u k

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All uncredited images are by Cris Ebbs. Visitors are free to use his photos or information from the site in any way they wish (if not for profit) if this website is credited for each image used.
All other images remain the copyright of the photographers named and cannot be used in any way without their prior consent.


Cave Rescue

In the event of an emergency......
  1. Dial 999
  2. Ask for Police
  3. Then ask for Cave Rescue (Do NOT phone the rescue team or its members direct).
Provide the Police at the very least, with an accurate location of the accident, details of any injuries, number of people involved, time of accident etc.
Full details of key information to provide are given here: http://www.northwalescro.org.uk/calling-out-cave-rescue/

North Wales Cave Rescue Team homepage : http://www.northwalescro.org.uk/


Access to caves

Most North Wales caves are on private land, hence it's always wise to seek prior consent, and to respect fences and gates.
Some of the larger caves such as those at Minera are gated, locked and controlled by one club. Details of how to arrange a trip can be found here: http://www.cambriancavingcouncil.org.uk/restricted access caves.html
In the case of consent being refused, be prepared to go elsewhere.
If struggling to find the name or address of a landowner for consent, try asking Cris at the e-mail address below.


Cave Monitoring

In the event of discovering a cave site to be under threat in any way, please feel free to contact this website at: cavecomment@hotmail.co.uk
Any such cases will then be brought to the attention of the relative organisations whose progress will be reported on this site.
Archaeological caves are particularly vulnerable to human activity, pollution or quarrying. We have already lost several important caves due to inaction. Please help prevent the loss of more.


Caves that cannot be located or have been quarried away are listed on Page 14: Lost and Non-caves
Click on any grid reference to view a (StreetMap.com) map of the location (Click the StreetMap zoom tool for more detail)

Some references for archaeological caves use the following abbreviations:
AW ............ Archaeology in Wales
NWCC ....... North Wales Caving Club
WPCST ..... William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust
SWCC ....... South Wales Caving Club

Most recent changes, updates or additions (minor amendments not listed)

November 2021: Amend NGRs for Gas (with new photo of blocked entrance) and Murphy's Pots; Ogofs Hen Ddyn, Dydd Byraf, Nadolig,Hesp Alyn; removed criticism of Grosvenor and Flintshire Museums from here.

October 2021: Amend NGR for Ogof Llyn Du; add Watts Cave on the Little Orme; noted improvement in condition of Pant-y-Wennol through removal of rubbish accumulated over half a century.
July 2021: Add John Blore's survey of Lynx Cave; replace old survey of Gas Pot; noted blocking of Orchid Cave; rewrite description of Dinorben Farm Sink; remove scale parameter (&z=3) to restore map display around OS Grid Reference by Streetmap.

May 2021: Add another gorge to look at south of Brasgyll; revised directions for Graigfechan; revised description for Ogof Rhewl; four new sea caves at Penmaenrhos, Old Colwyn; a note on how human DNA can now be extracted from sediments; more about Dinorben Farm Sink and Brasgyll Rising; and welcome to the Glan yr Afon Inn, ...Cheers!

August 2020: Leet Caves now up to number 9, with photos; Froncysyllte Rising added notes on more springs; Ogof Arian, revised map and new photos

June 2020: Site content and link checking as part of move from Google Sites for editing and rehosting by Cambrian Caving Council. Many dead links have been removed, some changed, and a few added. Some, hopefully inconsequential, formatting changes may be noted, with a few sentences also moved around, but images which benefit from enlargement are, again, available. Cris Ebbs remains closely involved in content provision and updating.

February 2020: Gop Cave: Additional photos of lion tibia and human skull: 04-caves-d---k

January 1st 2020: Bryn Alyn Caves 7 - 10 updated with photos: ../02-caves-a---b

December 2019: Llechryd Cave: New addition to the Non-caves page: ../14-lost-non-caves

December 2019: Dyserth Castle Caves (Including Nant-y-Fuach Rock Shelter) fully updated and photos added: ../04-caves-d---k

August 2019: Additional information on the remains from Blodwen's Fissure: ../14-lost-non-caves

August 2019: Photos added of Cae Gwyn Cave entrance and passage (see under Ffynnon Bueno Cave): ../04-caves-d---k

July 2019: Addition of survey of Llanymynech Ogof: ../14-lost-non-caves

June 2019: Addition of a couple of paragraphs on bats: ../20-cave-life

June 2019: Addition of new site, Strahan's Cave: ../08-caves-p---s

May 2019: Addition of Llanymynech Ogof, under 'Lost and non-cave sites': ../14-lost-non-caves

May 2019: Addition of 'new' cave: Ogof Cerrig Uchel: ../07-caves-o

April 2019: Gop Cave and Cae Gwyn Cave: Photos added of bones held at Grosvenor Museum, Chester: ../04-caves-d---k

April 2019: Ty Newydd Caves 1-3 (Tremeirchion): Updated and photos added: ../09-caves-t---z

January 2019: Printing Press Cave (Llandudno): Survey added (based upon 1962 survey): ../11-caves-of-llandudno

December 2018: Ogof Pant-y-Wennol (Llandudno): Information updated and photos added: ../11-caves-of-llandudno

December 2018: Kendrick's Cave, Lower: Photos added: ../11-caves-of-llandudno

November 2018: Page 14, Lost & Non-caves re-jigged: ../14-lost-non-caves

November 2018: 1959 sketch survey of Ceiriog Cave (Lower) redrawn and directions improved: ../03-caves-c

October 2018: Ogof Tan-y-Bryn (Llandudno) - Updated with photos and sketch: ../11-caves-of-llandudno

August 2018: Ogof Gwaun (5m long only) - Updated and photos added: ../07-caves-o

March 2018: Trevor Hall Cave - Updated, new survey and photos added: ../09-caves-t---z

March 2018: Addition of the un-inspiring Trevor Rocks Cave: ../09-caves-t---z

Jan 2018: Archaeological cave conservation in North Wales - A (belated) way forward? A 4 page PDF download at very bottom of this page: ../13-archaeological-caves

Dec 2017: Basic survey of Ogof Gwen Goch: ../07-caves-o

Nov 2017: William Boyd Dawkins & the Victorian Science of Cave Hunting. Published in 2017: Notes and quotes from the book: ../13-archaeological-caves

Nov 2017: Brief entry and more detailed PDF for Alyn Gorge Swallows: ../15-springs-sinks-shakeholes

Nov 2017: New entry: Ted's Cave, Gwernymynydd: ../09-caves-t---z

Sept 2017 : Addition of Lady Bagot's Cave: ../05-caves-l

Sept 2017 : Addition of Denbigh Castle Cave: ../04-caves-d---k

July 2017: Leet Cave No.2 developments : ../05-caves-l

June 2017: New PDF report on North Face Cave, Great Orme available as a free download: ../11-caves-of-llandudno

March 2017: Pigeon's Cave, Llandudno: Updated

Feb 2017: List of 'protected' Scheduled cave sites: ../13-archaeological-caves

Dec 2016: New page - Cave art
: ../19-cave-art

New page - Cave sediments : ../21-hydrology

Ogof Gloddaeth, Llandudno
: New cave entry: ../11-caves-of-llandudno

Brown Quarry Caves, Pantasaph: Updated: ../02-caves-a---b

White Quarry Caves, Pantasaph: Updated: ../09-caves-t---z

Afon Meirchion Cave, Upper: Updated: ../02-caves-a---b

Dyserth Caves 1 & 2 : Updated : ../04-caves-d---k

The following caves have also been re-visited and their entries revised, photos added or been given more accurate (GPS) national grid references.....

Bedding Plane Cave, Llandudno

Blodwen's Fissure (see Lost & Non-caves)

Brasgyll Caves

Castell Mawr Caves, Anglesey

Cefn Cave

Cefn Cave, Old

Corkscrew Cave, Llandudno

Dell Cave

Gop Caves

Gwaenysgor Cave

Kendrick's Cave, Upper, Llandudno

North Face Cave, Llandudno

Ogof Arth, Llandudno

Ogof Bys, Llandudno

Ogof Colomendy

Ogof Defaid, Llandudno

Ogof Tudno, Llandudno

Plas Heaton Cave

Skeleton Cave, Llandudno

Snail Cave Rock Shelter, Llandudno

Tan-yr-Ogof Caves